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Arable FarmingArable Farming - Arable farming can be made easier with the different makes of tractors, equipment and chemicals brought to you on this site, from Yanmar tractors to John Deere tractors.

Farm pro tractors information, links, and pictures for the models 2420 and the 2430. Check out Coles Farm Pro 2420, 2425, 2430 and TrakKing.

Farm Pro Tractor

Farm Pro Tractor, Farm Pro Model (Click to enlarge)
Farm Pro Model (Click to enlarge)

2005 Farm Pro Model 2420
The above tractor is a 2005 Farm Pro Model 2420. It has a 20 hp two cylinder diesel engine with 12 forward speeds, two wheel drive, two speed pto and three point cat one hitch. Will be used for light duty work. This Farm Pro Tractor can be seen at Foothills Farm. [Link no longer works]

Farm Pro Tractor, Farm Pro (Click to enlarge)
Farm Pro 2420 (Click to enlarge)

Coles lowest cost, great value machine: Homier's Farm Pro 2420, is ideal when a basic utility tractor is all you really need.

With a 2-cyl, 20HP diesel engine, this basic utility model delivers great performance with outstanding economy for agriculture and grounds maintenance.

The 2420 has 12 forward and 4 reverse speeds with a high/low creeper gearbox and a dual-stage clutch to make the most of its power in all conditions.

The 2420's standard 2-speed PTO ensures the maximum versatility for a wide range of jobs. Farm Pro tractors use an industry-standard PTO and are compatible with most implements you may already own.

Farm Pro Tractor, Farm Pro (Click to enlarge)
Farm Pro 2430 (Click to enlarge)

Farm Pro 2430
Coles Tractors most powerful: Homier's Farm Pro 2430, when you need a tough tractor to handle a tough job.

With a 3-cyl, 30HP diesel engine, this is Coles top of the line model, it has power to spare with outstanding economy for agriculture, landscape work, and industry.

The 2430 has 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds and a dual-stage clutch to make the most of its power in all conditions.

With 4WD, the 2430 can use that power to trudge through the mud and snow. Power steering, differential lock, draft & position control, and live drive complete the 2430's standard features.

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Agri Seek - Farm pro tractors, 2425 4 wheel drive Pro tractor- 1 yr old with bucket and mower used minimally had cab cover.

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