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Arable farming can be made easier with the different makes of tractors, equipment and chemicals brought to you on this site, from Yanmar tractors to John Deere tractors.

Arable Farming

Welcome to, this site specialises in helping you and giving you the information you need about tractors and their supplies, farm chemicals and equipment.

Arable is pronounced ar-a-ble. The adjective has one meaning "capable of being farmed productively".

Arable Farming, Arable Land
Arable Land

UK Crops
Throughout the UK arable farming is under change since the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and introduction of cross compliance. Environmental management, organic farming and integrated management systems all have key roles to play, while climate change is leading to different challenges.

Public concern is now much more prominent across the whole of the industry, and assurance schemes and traceability all serve to increase consumer confidence. At ADAS they work with producers, processors and legislators alike, at all stages of production throughout the food chain. This all round view makes them well placed to advise on and work towards the systems of the future that will allow this sector of farming to profitably meet the needs of producers and consumers alike.

For more information refer to this link for a more indepth insight on the subject ADAS.

Arable Farming and the Effects on Birds
One of the major agricultural changes that has affected farmland birds in Britain has been the loss of mixed farming. Livestock farming predominates in north and west Britain, and there has been a decline in arable crops.

The decline of seed eating birds like larks and finches is due to the loss of the spring crops. Arable farming provides the right environment for a safe nesting habitat for ground nesting birds. Farmers who farm livestock and fodder crops such as spring cereals or turnips are spurring on the decline of birds in their area.

For more information on this subject read "Arable crops on livestock farms".

Tractor SupplyTractor Supply - The No1 tractor supply company, Mahindra and Mahindra and AG Tractor Supply three companies that offer and provide all your tractor and farm needs.

Used TractorsUsed Tractors - Fendt, John Deere, Massy Ferguson, Yanmar and Satoh used tractors information and pictures. If you are looking for information on used tractors then look no further.

John Deere TractorsJohn Deere Tractors - John Deere tractors founded by John Deere in 1837, developed the world's first commercially successful, self-scouring steel plow, closely parallels the settlement and development of the Midwestern United States.

Tractor TiresTractor Tires - When it comes to replacing your old tires on your tractor one of the biggest mistakes is thinking it has to be old for new. This is not the case and more and more tractor owners are becoming aware of this and learning the advantages of second hand tractor tires.

Farm EquipmentFarm Equipment - 2004 John Deere harvester, CLAAS hay equipment, Allied farm attachments, New Holland haybine, New Holland tedder, the New Holland rolabar and more links and information relating to farm equipment.

Kubota TractorKubota Tractor - Looking for a Kubota tractor? Then maybe this page can help you, offering you information on UK and USA sales and antique Kubota's. Featured on this page are the BX2200 Sub-Compact Tractor and the B2710 Compact Tractor.

Yanmar TractorsYanmar Tractors - Japanese Yanmar tractor are extremely popular due to their incredible durability, compact size and affordable price tag. The only problem, until now, was that there were no English owners manuals for these Yanmar tractors

Farm Pro TractorFarm Pro Tractor - Farm pro tractors information, links, and pictures for the models 2420 and the 2430. Check out Coles Farm Pro 2420, 2425, 2430 and TrakKing.

Farm ChemicalsFarm Chemicals - Farm chemicals can be very useful like Prochloraz which is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control or reduction of a range of stem, leaf and ear diseases for most crops along with CCC Which is a growth regulator for yield improvement and/or lodging control.

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